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Things You Didn't Know about Coca?

Learning about Coca Homemade coca soap - Natural antibacterial The coca leaf, discovered 3000 years ago by the Incas, is still cause ...

Col. David J. Wright 7 Jul, 2013

Coca Diplomacy: “Yes to Coca, No to Cocaine”

Coca Diplomacy of Evo Morales Spotlight on Bolivia: The “Coca Diplomacy” of Evo Morales At last month’s meeting of the United Nations Com...

Col. David J. Wright 26 Apr, 2012

President Evo Morales Urges end to Ban on Coca Chewing

Lift the Ban on Coca Bolivian President Evo Morales has urged the UN to correct a "historic wrong" and lift a long-standing ban...

Col. David J. Wright 12 Mar, 2012