Secret of the Coca Cola Recipe and the Coca Leaf

Coca Cola, Evo Morales, and what Our Governments Do Not Want Us to Know about the Coca Leaf Today in Bolivia, March 12th it is National...

Col. David J. Wright 12 Mar, 2013

Caracas is a long way to go for a cup of coca tea, however the trip may be worth it.

Tourists not only drink coca tea in Venezuela, they sell it too New cooperative provides weary travelers with jobs, food and shelter C...

Col. David J. Wright 21 Jun, 2012

Best Coca Tea is made by an American living in Venezuela

Most potent coca tea in the world is made by a US Expat in Venezuela Triple 3x Coca Tea is being sold on street corners all over Caracas...

Col. David J. Wright 19 Jun, 2012