New Coca Tea Product to be Marketed Internationally

New Direction, Motive and Inspiration for the Coca Tea Company

Image of indigenous man drinking coca tea.
Coca Tea Company logo concept. ©William Trabacilo 2015
When I began the Coca Tea Company in Caracas, Venezuela selling a special coca leaf tea to local people and tourists that I would ever make much more than a decent living there from it. I never imagined people would contact me online and request our product from 38 different countries.

Unfortunately we stopped selling our product "Triple 3x Coca Tea" in December 2013, and then finally officially in March of 2014 we closed the Coca Tea Company (CocaVen) in Caracas, Venezuela after double digit (90%) inflation, currency devaluation, and my political illegal deportation for being a 'gringo' further made it impossible for us to continue business there. Since then I have been living as a tourist in exile away from my residence and family in Venezuela working with Globcal International. Some of my colleagues currently sell a similar tea beverage informally.

Traveling in Exile with Coca on my Mind

My journeys and travels have brought me to meet traditionalists in remote rural communities, street vendors, and indigenous peoples in Canada, Mexico, Belize and Guatemala while working with Globcal International. These experiences opened new doors of understanding relative to culture, tradition and further developed my personal interests of shamanism, good health, medicinal plants, business, and tea making. These travels have also given me time to contemplate and compound new business ideas based on my discoveries, enlightenment, and acquiring new perspectives internationally.

In Mexico, Guatemala, and Belize my personal interests paid-off as I was introduced to new economic markets, new medicinal plants, new processes, and also managed to develop a network of collectors and producers of natural products. Now today producers and others contact me as I continue to build a network based my special interests in bromatology, ethnobotany, and ethnomedicine online.

Most important is that I have kept up with my friends and colleagues while travelling becoming indisposed by using Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, and other friendly computer networks. So now thanks to that constant contact and letting people see into the reality of my life I have been able to develop new appealing community based ideas that include all of them and keep all my dreams alive. Lots of very special people have given me great advice and assistance.

A New Tea and Infusion Business

We (my friends and I, from CocaVen), will begin making the special coca tea product we were so successful with from 2011-2013 beginning again this year sometime by mid-2015 for the international market; however to do it we need to develop an open-minded liberal forum of supportive people through the social networks, at least as liberal and supportive as the wonderful people of Caracas were toward our efforts there. To accomplish this we are attempting to establish our new logistical operations office internationally in the Netherlands with our production based in Bolivia through a crowdsourcing effort beginning this summer as a formal start-up.

We are achieving our infrastructure by getting special cooperative development assistance from Globcal International and Ecology Crossroads Cooperative Foundation in the United States to help establish an international foundation and endowment fund from which to operate our international cooperative coca tea business. We will be specializing in the production and development of traditional, nutritious, and medicinal infusions from cultures around the world. It is our understanding that we will be able to ship the special produced tea anywhere on the planet for private consumption as medicine and as a nutritional supplement drink.

Its been a fun and exciting time getting here, now we are looking forward to producing our special coca leaf tea 'super-energy, super-medicinal' formula beverage for others to enjoy as well as the new products we have developed for introduction. If you are interested in our coca tea or the other products we will be producing please follow our updates as @CocaTeaCo and @InfusionCulture. 
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