Coca Tea: For Good Health and Well-Being

Coca Tea: General Overview of a Very Intriguing Beverage

by: Marvin, Hidalgo Foods

Most people need a little something to get them going at the start of every morning. For a large majority, coffee is the drink of choice, largely due to the jolt that caffeine can provide. Some people prefer tea, while the really health conscious people are even more discerning of their morning beverage, and choose green or white tea because of all the unique natural compounds and antioxidants that it contains. If you’ve ever had trouble deciding which is best for you, then you’ll be pleased to hear that you no longer have to choose between a jolt of caffeine from coffee and the soothing nutrition of herbal tea: you can now have them both all thanks to a very unlikely source: the coca plant, which is the source of mate de coca, better known as coca tea.

The coca plant is more popularly known for its association with cocaine the drug that has been the cause of addiction, violence, and corruption all over the world. However, the leaves of this plant also have another, less well known purpose: they can be made into a tea that is not only harmless, but can actually be good for those who drink it. In fact, the use of coca leaf tea actually outdates the discovery of cocaine, and has been consumed for centuries in Peru, Bolivia, and other South American countries by the natives who use it to acclimatize themselves to the extreme altitudes of the Andes Mountains. Its popularity extended far beyond those of Andean culture, and was drunk even among the tribes of the Amazon Forest. Now, in modern times, coca tea is experiencing something of a sudden rise in popularity.

It might be surprising to find that the same plant that yields cocaine, one of the hardest and most addictive drugs, can also be the source of something that is beneficial for everybody. However, if you give it a little more thought, it actually makes plenty of sense. When the coca leaves are refined and processed in a certain way, it yields cocaine, which is a powerful stimulant known for its ability to give a physical, mental, and emotional high to its users, but is infamous for its addictive qualities and its long term health effects, such as hallucinations, delusions, long term brain damage, and heart complications.

However, cocaine is a super-purified extract of the coca leaf, while coca tea is made from the natural leaves themselves. They are not processed to an extent that they become harmful and addictive. In essence, taking coca tea can give you all the benefits normally associated with cocaine plus other health benefits without the pitfalls of addiction and the long term health and mental damage. In fact, quite the opposite, it actually imparts benefits over years of continuous consumption. This is because the process of refining the leaves into cocaine destroys all sorts of macronutrients, vitamins, alkaloids, and other beneficial chemical compounds that are found in the leaf. The result is a wide array of both short and long term health benefits.

First of all, cocaine is a natural antiseptic and analgesic, and is especially effective in treating and curing digestive and intestinal problems. Because of this, it can help prevent and treat diarrhea in patients, and can improve respiratory function as well as dexterity and balance. Singers, announcers, and other vocal performers can also benefit from a cup of coca tea, since it soothes and protects the vocal cords, keeping them in perfect tune, ready for the next performance. It has even been shown to be particularly beneficial to the elderly and infirm, people who suffer from crippling motor nerve conditions such as arthritis and rheumatism. The coca tea soothes the symptoms and relieves the pain of such diseases, allowing sufferers some degree of comfort and mobility without having to resort to medications with potentially harmful side effects.

All those health benefits make coca tea a match for other popular tea varieties, but how does it stack up against coffee? Well, the buzz that a fix of caffeine from a cup of coffee provides is easily trumped by coca tea and its unique ability to boost our metabolism to provide that extra bit of performance and endurance that you need to face the challenges of your daily routine. Coca tea can also replace coffee in another of its traditional roles: helping someone get over a night of drinking and partying. Coca tea contains natural compounds that flush the body of alcohol and other toxins, helping to reverse the effects of alcohol poisoning and achieve sobriety faster.

The use of coca leaves in food or drink isn’t new at all. In fact, even Coca-Cola once had ingredients derived from coca leaves, which helped give the now iconic drink its name. Coca tea contains only a miniscule amount of cocaine, well below the limit established in the Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs, allowing it to be manufactured, distributed, and sold to anyone who wishes to consume it in any quantity, anywhere in the world. This is how Hidalgo Foods is able to now offer this most unique and exciting product to all of our customers. So if you’re looking for a natural buzz with all the health benefits of a bona fide superfood, then give coca tea a try.

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